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Snow fish approach



The first approach: snow fish skin changed into small pieces, salt, white pepper, lemon fritters. Brush butter on the fish block, on the oven, and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius temperature, remove, fire-baked until golden brown on. Features: salmon are deep-sea fish is high in nutritional value, taste and tender, unarmed, butter, fresh and fragrant.
Second practice: 1, from the supermarket to buy chunks of codfish, wash. 2, Peel, stabbed the fish, cut into one-inch square chunks. Juice seeping out. Add an egg, little starch. And according to their own taste with a variety of spices, I usually add the soy sauce, vinegar, wine, salt and five-spice powder. Stir well and leave 5-10 minutes for fish full flavor, you can FRY. 4, I used olive oil to fry, color is beautiful. Fried fish crispy on outside, mouth. Eating can also be dipped in salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning. Try it, when you fish in his mouth, you must issue a Fiat sigh!
The third approach: 1 material: cod fish, yams, green peppers, green onions, ginger; 2, spices: Lee Kum Kee chicken powder, cooking wine, salad oil, salt, broth, cornstarch; method: 1. Yam, peeled and cut into small size, cut the salmon into small grains, green, peppers and dice. 2. heat oil in the Pan, fry onions, ginger under, then add the cod fish, yams, green, red pepper, spices and fried until cooked, thicken you can pan; 4, features: white color, light and refreshing and tonifying the spleen and stomach, and lung and kidney effects.

Steamed fish approach

Steamed fish approach

Eating fish is nothing more than a “fresh”, which is the best experience of steamed fish “fresh fish” approach. If you think the steamed fish is put in the pot steamed a trouble, that would be wrong, say you are not fluent in the diet is light, you simply is wasting Tianci food. Steamed fish and how to do? In fact, cooking steamed fish is a kind of knowledge, the fish to the ingredients, from put a disk into the wok, from the furnace to the virtual steam, each step all have is fastidious. Of course tastes can be according to their own preferences for the deployment, but duration and virtual steam but steamed fish “fresh” the basic guarantee, not the slightest careless. Let us Changsha Oriental cooking school senior cooks Ouyang masters teach you a authentic steamed fish approach.
A steamed fish made of raw materials:
1 ingredients: 500 grams of Grass Carp 1. We usually choose Grass Carp, fish too heavy or too light is not easy to grasp the raw and cooked.
2 ingredients: ginger, onions, mushrooms, meat at the end of the amount of grain.
3 seasonings: soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, lard, liquor, the amount of each.
Two steamed fish practices:
1 first deal with fish. Will kill the good fish washed, with a knife will fish spine from intra-abdominal cut, can prevent the steamed fish, due to the contraction of the fishbone and fish deformation, on both sides of the fish body wipe lard evenly, and then stained with a little white wine.
2. A little meat particles mixed into a little soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger powder, mushroom last into the belly of the fish can more fresh taste of fish, but also make steamed fish is full.
. large pieces of ginger and green onions in the middle, cut grow uniform short of fine filaments, spread on the plate of fish, the fish into the disk and on the fish, sprinkle some onion ginger silk, mature both beautiful and tasty uniform.
4. The furnace is the key to steamed fish, and a lot of steamed vegetables, must be in the pot of water to open, then the fish into the pot and steam for 6 to 7 minutes immediately turn off the heat.
5 empty steam for 5 to 8 minutes after the pot, the prepared soy sauce, vinegar and a little oil poured over the fish. Have senior cook, senior technicians, grandmaster for backbone teachers of Changsha Oriental cooking school reminds you: so-called virtual steam is off the fire, don’t open the lid, and then steamed by Pan Yu Wen
Three steamed fish taste characteristics:
Tender tofu, incense, such as crab light and refreshing.
Four nutritional effects of steamed fish:
The composition and nutritional value depends on the type of steamed fish in the ingredients of the steamed fish. But the fat and cholesterol content is lower than that of steamed fish braised fish in soy sauce
One of the braised fish in soy sauce is a common practice of fish, then braised fish in soy sauce do? Braised fish in different places have different practices, here introduce the most commonly used three kinds of braised fish approach and detailed measures are as follows:

Stewed fish practice

Stewed fish

One of the most simple stewed fish is fish, stewed fish is not only easy, also very fuel-efficient, have the effect of prolong life. So stewed fish do? The most common stewed fish here, stewed fish practices are as follows:
Stewed fish approach
A production of stewed fish raw materials:
1 ingredients: carp 1 only about 1 pounds (or other fish).
2 ingredients: onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, the amount of.
3 spices: salt, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, the amount of edible oil.
Two fried fish approach:
1 the fish scales, to the internal organs, digging gills, wash with cold water. With salt immersion 5-10 minutes.
2. The wok add oil, lit and heated, heat oil, chopped green onion cook in soy pot, then add the appropriate amount of water (water to diffuse over the fish can be), the fish into the pot.
3 add cooking wine, onion, ginger, garlic, vinegar, coriander, boil the fire.
4 boil, simmer for 30 minutes. If you want to make the soup more nutritious, can be boiled in time, plus a few mushrooms and red dates. After eating fish, fish soup can also drink or to cook noodles etc..
Stewed fish taste characteristics three:
White thick soup, fresh meat.
Four of the nutritional benefits of stewed fish:
Stewed fish is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A and calcium phosphate sodium iron. Because the fish is a muscle fiber is composed of a thin individual muscle group, so the fish can keep more moisture, meat is very delicate. Chinese medicine that: fish taste sweet and warm, has the efficacy of Qi, appetizers, strong bones and muscles, tonifying liver and kidney, etc. can be used in spleen, eat less, indigestion etc..
The fish is rich in nutrition, food is delicious, so people generally like to eat fish. But there are many kinds of fish, different fish have different health function, is not clear to everyone.
There are carp, Qi and spleen, milk and other functional benefits of water swelling, heat detoxification, communication. Patients with ascites with fresh carp and red adzuki beans were soup to take effect. With fresh carp and pig’s trotters with simmer, decoction consumption, can cure low maternal milk. Oil is beneficial to cardiovascular function, but also can reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation.