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Chinese food Sushi

Chinese food

1. First make the sushi vinegar, 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in accordance with, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon salt ratio Stir.
2. Then the sushi rice vinegar into warm inside, and mix well.
3. To prepare other materials, ham and cucumber cut into strips.
4. Place the seaweed on the sushi curtain above.
5. Then the rice in seaweed on top of the tile.
6. then squeezed by a tomato sauce in the bottom position, and then use a spoon to smooth sauce.
7. Then on top of tomato sauce sprinkled with pork floss.
8. In the above and then covered with cucumber and ham.
9. Then roll up from bottom to top, cut into small pieces with a knife on it!

Chinese food The best choice for the kind of rice with sticky rice! Rice tile in seaweed above, leave a little note from beginning to end is empty, do not spread too full, or when the volume would be squeezed out.

“Dry fish” approach

Dry fish

The main live carp (1000 g) 1.
Accessories fine noodles 250 grams, wine 75 grams, diced green onion 50 grams, fine ginger 15 grams, bean sauce 15 grams, Shao liquor 15 grams, rice vinegar 3 grams, bubble pepper 5 grams, 10 grams of soy sauce, refined salt and a little sugar, 5 grams, monosodium glutamate 2 grams, water, starch 20 grams, refined oil 300 grams (consumption of 15 grams).
1. The fish to the scales, gills, exploratory digging to internal organs, remove caviar with fish washed clean, wipe dry water, roe is still plugged into the belly, on both sides of the back of the fish meat carve word knife pattern.
The noodles into boiling water pot boiled fish out, use cold water; in the cold, put 10 Weidie spare.
3 wok put fire, put oil 150 grams heat, dish noodles buckle into the hot oil fried yellow side, take the disc material, noodles turn over and fry the yellow side poured out, Lek to oil reserve. The wok stir on the heat, oil in the pot wall, put refined oil pan, the fish will spread in a moment into hot sauce, fried yellow, poured Lek to oil, the pot put oil 100 grams, bubble pepper at the end, the fried bean sauce Red oil, then sweet wine, onion ginger fried scattered Sheng 3/4 spare fish, wine, soy sauce, salt, skillet, sugar, 500 grams of boiling hot water cleaning cover to use small fire 6_8 minutes until cooked, add MSG seasoning with the spare skillet stir the sauce, pour into the water starch sticky marinade, end pot fish in turn, the sauce with a spoon on the fish, drops into the vinegar into the fish bowl, 10 pieces of fried noodles in the fish on both sides.
Features dishes into red light, seasoning and meticulous color harmony, meat is tender and delicious, rich flavor, shapes rich elegant, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, fresh taste, without pressure.
Silver carp, with temperature in the Qi, stomach, skin moisture and other functions, warm the Qi is health food.