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Fried milk practices

1. Place the milk, cornstarch, sugar put the pot into a no particles mix with the low heat and cook until thick, stirring solidified flameout
2. Pour the container disappearing, Refrigerate to freeze Naigao (frozen room time will be put quickly) (fear of sticky dish can wipe a little oil or 3. The first shop under plastic wrap)
4. Frozen Naigao long cut into small squares
5. The self-raising flour with 3/4 cup of water, a little salt and oil into a crisp pulp, covered with crisp pulp will Naigao
6. fire deep fry golden brown on the skin and drain Singles

Egg pudding

1.90 take 1 ml of milk into the container, add 40 grams of white sugar, stir evenly, add 130 ml of cream and stir evenly.
2 the container will be two egg yolk and egg yolk and a whole egg into the process of mixing into the steps
3 with a sieve to filter the egg, complete backup
4. Egg poured into containers 8 full can, pan add water (container and put it in the oven, water over the pudding at the bottom of the container can be)
5. The oven preheated to 200 degrees, pan middle first tube baking 5 minutes after go to the tube and bake for 5 minutes and end up and down tube for 10 minutes, a distance of 20 minutes