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Sweat and sour carp



1.When the carp was cleared, drain the water in the fish on both sides of a 2.5 cm of the oblique knife (first cut to 1 cm deep, then flat cut 2 cm deep).

2 with pepper, salt and soy sauce marinate.

3.Combine soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, wine and water into a sweet and sour sauce for later use.

4.Starch and flour into a paste, rub the marinated fish.

5.The oil till the Qicheng hot, to bring fish tail, the first head into the oil slightly fried, scoop oil, pour in the fish, to be solidified batter the fish slowly in the pan into the.

6.When the fish until golden brown, remove and control oil in a pan for later use.

7.Stay a little oil in the wok, add the green onion, ginger, garlic until fragrant, then transferred to tomato sauce, pour prepared sauce, add a little wet starch received strong.

8.The pot is poured on the fish.

Snow fish approach



The first approach: snow fish skin changed into small pieces, salt, white pepper, lemon fritters. Brush butter on the fish block, on the oven, and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius temperature, remove, fire-baked until golden brown on. Features: salmon are deep-sea fish is high in nutritional value, taste and tender, unarmed, butter, fresh and fragrant.
Second practice: 1, from the supermarket to buy chunks of codfish, wash. 2, Peel, stabbed the fish, cut into one-inch square chunks. Juice seeping out. Add an egg, little starch. And according to their own taste with a variety of spices, I usually add the soy sauce, vinegar, wine, salt and five-spice powder. Stir well and leave 5-10 minutes for fish full flavor, you can FRY. 4, I used olive oil to fry, color is beautiful. Fried fish crispy on outside, mouth. Eating can also be dipped in salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning. Try it, when you fish in his mouth, you must issue a Fiat sigh!
The third approach: 1 material: cod fish, yams, green peppers, green onions, ginger; 2, spices: Lee Kum Kee chicken powder, cooking wine, salad oil, salt, broth, cornstarch; method: 1. Yam, peeled and cut into small size, cut the salmon into small grains, green, peppers and dice. 2. heat oil in the Pan, fry onions, ginger under, then add the cod fish, yams, green, red pepper, spices and fried until cooked, thicken you can pan; 4, features: white color, light and refreshing and tonifying the spleen and stomach, and lung and kidney effects.

The practice of sweet and sour fish


1. ready materials.
2. yellow croaker to the scales to the belly wash, dry control, change the knife, with a little salt to fish.
3. in the fish flour evenly.
4. onion, carrot, pepper, Jiang Qiesi, crushed garlic.
5. pot oil till the Bacheng heat, will take good raw fish belly, fried until golden brown, remove and set a good type.
6. fish oil will be retained, chili, carrot, onion pot a little fried, out of control of dry oil.
7. fried dishes dry oil control.
8. the oil poured out, leaving a little heat, under the Tomato Juice fry red light.
9. add the ginger and garlic, fry, then add sugar, vinegar, water, cook until sugar dissolves.
10. add water starch thicken, carrots, then fried onion, pepper silk into the pot and stir well.
11. will be good for sweet and sour sauce on the yellow croaker body is good.
12. is your sweet, delicious sweet and sour fish.