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Flavored pork you’ll have to do the dishes popular champion

Like fish-flavored pork, but simply a few combinations, but there is meat and vegetarian, in the case of missing fish can eat fish flavor, and color, aroma and taste, very well with rice, is a worthy companion of our lives Deli .


1. Prepare material. 2. Place the bubble black fungus strips, shredded bamboo shoots, shredded pork, onion ginger garlic mince. 3. the pork with a little salt, a little wine and starch marinate the pork. And starch, salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, broth (or water) and turned into sauce. 4. wok cold oil, the oil warm, under the pork fried spread quickly draw. 5. After the white flesh with a shovel fry the pork in the soup aside (or filled), a base oil plus homemade chop pepper, garlic, ginger and saute. 6. Place the pork stir evenly. 7. Add water after prior Chuo carrots stir-fry for a minute or so. 8. Nancy and then down into the black fungus silk jade fire and stir-fry for a moment. 9. Pour the sauce. When the soup is thick add chopped green onion stir until evenly.

Unglazed eggplant practice

1. eggplant cut hob. Grab salt evenly marinate for a while, eggplant will be a little water, which will help behind sticky powder, which is a little trick
Garlic shoot broken, diced red pepper
Take about 10 grams of soy sauce
Take about five grams of rice vinegar
Take a teaspoon of soy sauce, not too much here, a little there sauce to taste
Pickled eggplant water plus corn starch. I land hotplate, area, better operation
Mix well, let eggplant evenly glued block starch
Heat the pan, I like to use pot fried food, can be less oil, fry the eggplant pot yellowish block. The oil temperature is higher, the pot can be stereotyped degree
Fried eggplant block
There will be more out of the pan with starch, starch plus water is water, where you can adjust the density plus some starch
Remove from heat and pour the oil, saute peppers and garlic
Plus spices
Pour water saute starch, starch can add a small amount of sugar water. Boiled thick sauce
Ready garlic and Luo Ye
Then pour tomato pieces. Turn uniform
Then add the basil
Turn off the heat, mix well enough
Transfer to a plate