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Chinese food Sushi

Chinese food

1. First make the sushi vinegar, 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in accordance with, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon salt ratio Stir.
2. Then the sushi rice vinegar into warm inside, and mix well.
3. To prepare other materials, ham and cucumber cut into strips.
4. Place the seaweed on the sushi curtain above.
5. Then the rice in seaweed on top of the tile.
6. then squeezed by a tomato sauce in the bottom position, and then use a spoon to smooth sauce.
7. Then on top of tomato sauce sprinkled with pork floss.
8. In the above and then covered with cucumber and ham.
9. Then roll up from bottom to top, cut into small pieces with a knife on it!

Chinese food The best choice for the kind of rice with sticky rice! Rice tile in seaweed above, leave a little note from beginning to end is empty, do not spread too full, or when the volume would be squeezed out.

Flavored pork you’ll have to do the dishes popular champion

Like fish-flavored pork, but simply a few combinations, but there is meat and vegetarian, in the case of missing fish can eat fish flavor, and color, aroma and taste, very well with rice, is a worthy companion of our lives Deli .


1. Prepare material. 2. Place the bubble black fungus strips, shredded bamboo shoots, shredded pork, onion ginger garlic mince. 3. the pork with a little salt, a little wine and starch marinate the pork. And starch, salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, broth (or water) and turned into sauce. 4. wok cold oil, the oil warm, under the pork fried spread quickly draw. 5. After the white flesh with a shovel fry the pork in the soup aside (or filled), a base oil plus homemade chop pepper, garlic, ginger and saute. 6. Place the pork stir evenly. 7. Add water after prior Chuo carrots stir-fry for a minute or so. 8. Nancy and then down into the black fungus silk jade fire and stir-fry for a moment. 9. Pour the sauce. When the soup is thick add chopped green onion stir until evenly.

Unglazed eggplant practice

1. eggplant cut hob. Grab salt evenly marinate for a while, eggplant will be a little water, which will help behind sticky powder, which is a little trick
Garlic shoot broken, diced red pepper
Take about 10 grams of soy sauce
Take about five grams of rice vinegar
Take a teaspoon of soy sauce, not too much here, a little there sauce to taste
Pickled eggplant water plus corn starch. I land hotplate, area, better operation
Mix well, let eggplant evenly glued block starch
Heat the pan, I like to use pot fried food, can be less oil, fry the eggplant pot yellowish block. The oil temperature is higher, the pot can be stereotyped degree
Fried eggplant block
There will be more out of the pan with starch, starch plus water is water, where you can adjust the density plus some starch
Remove from heat and pour the oil, saute peppers and garlic
Plus spices
Pour water saute starch, starch can add a small amount of sugar water. Boiled thick sauce
Ready garlic and Luo Ye
Then pour tomato pieces. Turn uniform
Then add the basil
Turn off the heat, mix well enough
Transfer to a plate

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs



1.Spareribs 500 grams boiled water, boil for thirty minutes, the broth can be cooked noodles, don’t throw away.

2.Use a tablespoon of cooking wine, a tablespoon of soy sauce, soy sauce two tablespoon half spoon, vinegar (not vinegar pickled 20 minutes).

3.Remove and wash water control standby, Zhazhi golden, don’t put too much oil, can stand up as long as the fuel, like the ground.

4.Boil the pork, pickled pork water, three tablespoons of sugar (sugar, three tablespoons, bold, don’t be afraid of much). Half a bowl of broth boil, half a teaspoon of salt to taste.

5.A small fire stew ten minutes the fire with the juice, the juice of the last time with a tablespoon of vinegar, the sweet and sour mouth out.

6.Out of the pot a little sesame sprinkle chopped green onion, monosodium glutamate.

Sweat and sour carp



1.When the carp was cleared, drain the water in the fish on both sides of a 2.5 cm of the oblique knife (first cut to 1 cm deep, then flat cut 2 cm deep).

2 with pepper, salt and soy sauce marinate.

3.Combine soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, wine and water into a sweet and sour sauce for later use.

4.Starch and flour into a paste, rub the marinated fish.

5.The oil till the Qicheng hot, to bring fish tail, the first head into the oil slightly fried, scoop oil, pour in the fish, to be solidified batter the fish slowly in the pan into the.

6.When the fish until golden brown, remove and control oil in a pan for later use.

7.Stay a little oil in the wok, add the green onion, ginger, garlic until fragrant, then transferred to tomato sauce, pour prepared sauce, add a little wet starch received strong.

8.The pot is poured on the fish.

The practice of sweet and sour fish


1. ready materials.
2. yellow croaker to the scales to the belly wash, dry control, change the knife, with a little salt to fish.
3. in the fish flour evenly.
4. onion, carrot, pepper, Jiang Qiesi, crushed garlic.
5. pot oil till the Bacheng heat, will take good raw fish belly, fried until golden brown, remove and set a good type.
6. fish oil will be retained, chili, carrot, onion pot a little fried, out of control of dry oil.
7. fried dishes dry oil control.
8. the oil poured out, leaving a little heat, under the Tomato Juice fry red light.
9. add the ginger and garlic, fry, then add sugar, vinegar, water, cook until sugar dissolves.
10. add water starch thicken, carrots, then fried onion, pepper silk into the pot and stir well.
11. will be good for sweet and sour sauce on the yellow croaker body is good.
12. is your sweet, delicious sweet and sour fish.


“Dry fish” approach

Dry fish

The main live carp (1000 g) 1.
Accessories fine noodles 250 grams, wine 75 grams, diced green onion 50 grams, fine ginger 15 grams, bean sauce 15 grams, Shao liquor 15 grams, rice vinegar 3 grams, bubble pepper 5 grams, 10 grams of soy sauce, refined salt and a little sugar, 5 grams, monosodium glutamate 2 grams, water, starch 20 grams, refined oil 300 grams (consumption of 15 grams).
1. The fish to the scales, gills, exploratory digging to internal organs, remove caviar with fish washed clean, wipe dry water, roe is still plugged into the belly, on both sides of the back of the fish meat carve word knife pattern.
The noodles into boiling water pot boiled fish out, use cold water; in the cold, put 10 Weidie spare.
3 wok put fire, put oil 150 grams heat, dish noodles buckle into the hot oil fried yellow side, take the disc material, noodles turn over and fry the yellow side poured out, Lek to oil reserve. The wok stir on the heat, oil in the pot wall, put refined oil pan, the fish will spread in a moment into hot sauce, fried yellow, poured Lek to oil, the pot put oil 100 grams, bubble pepper at the end, the fried bean sauce Red oil, then sweet wine, onion ginger fried scattered Sheng 3/4 spare fish, wine, soy sauce, salt, skillet, sugar, 500 grams of boiling hot water cleaning cover to use small fire 6_8 minutes until cooked, add MSG seasoning with the spare skillet stir the sauce, pour into the water starch sticky marinade, end pot fish in turn, the sauce with a spoon on the fish, drops into the vinegar into the fish bowl, 10 pieces of fried noodles in the fish on both sides.
Features dishes into red light, seasoning and meticulous color harmony, meat is tender and delicious, rich flavor, shapes rich elegant, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, fresh taste, without pressure.
Silver carp, with temperature in the Qi, stomach, skin moisture and other functions, warm the Qi is health food.

Sweet and sour fish approach


One of the sweet and sour fish is a common practice of fish, so sweet and sour fish, how to do? Sweet and sour fish in different places have different practices, here introduce the most common fish in sweet and sour sauce practices and detailed measures are as follows:
Making a sweet and sour fish raw materials:
1 ingredients: carp 1 only about 1 pounds.
2 ingredients: 20 grams of soy sauce, a white wine 15 grams, 5 grams of salt. Ingredients two: dry powder 75 grams, egg white 2.5. Ingredients: three grams of edible oil l00, vinegar 40 grams, 25 grams of sugar.
3 seasonings: 10 grams, 10 grams of chopped green onion mashed garlic, ginger 10 grams, 3 grams of salt.
Two the practice of sweet and sour fish:
1 the fish scales, to the internal organs, digging gills, wash with cold water. Every fish in the distance of 2.5 cm, straight first quarter after inclined cutting knife grain (ca. 1.5 cm deep), then brought a knife, so that the fish open, withdrawal of salt into the fish body, materials pickled after 2 minutes, take a clean cloth wipe dry moisture.
2 to two ingredients into protein paste, on the edge and the fish body evenly coated with a layer of. Wok pour oil, stir till the Qicheng hot, fry fish in hand, immediately opened its incision. You need to use a spatula to hold the fish, to avoid sticking to the pot, fried about 2 minutes. With a spatula to fish toward the edge of the pot, so that the fish in a bow, the fish back down, and then fry 2 minutes, then turn them over to the belly of the fish down, and fry 2 minutes; and then the fish flat, with a spatula will head into the oil fried 2 minutes to the fish all the golden yellow, take out into the tray.
3. The wok add oil, lit and heated, into the third ingredients chopped green onion, ginger, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, wine, add a spoonful of Bantang, pot open hook water Qianfen, down into the garlic, pour hot oil, cooked into a sweet and sour sauce. The best fish in sweet and Sour Sauce Fried fast HERSHEY’S, the other by Chao Shao cooking, fish juice, and mature, in order to maintain its own characteristics.
4 finally, sweet and sour sauce poured on the fish.
The characteristic flavor of sweet and sour fish three:
The color is dark red, crisp and tender, fragrant, sweet and sour.

Steamed fish approach

Steamed fish approach

Eating fish is nothing more than a “fresh”, which is the best experience of steamed fish “fresh fish” approach. If you think the steamed fish is put in the pot steamed a trouble, that would be wrong, say you are not fluent in the diet is light, you simply is wasting Tianci food. Steamed fish and how to do? In fact, cooking steamed fish is a kind of knowledge, the fish to the ingredients, from put a disk into the wok, from the furnace to the virtual steam, each step all have is fastidious. Of course tastes can be according to their own preferences for the deployment, but duration and virtual steam but steamed fish “fresh” the basic guarantee, not the slightest careless. Let us Changsha Oriental cooking school senior cooks Ouyang masters teach you a authentic steamed fish approach.
A steamed fish made of raw materials:
1 ingredients: 500 grams of Grass Carp 1. We usually choose Grass Carp, fish too heavy or too light is not easy to grasp the raw and cooked.
2 ingredients: ginger, onions, mushrooms, meat at the end of the amount of grain.
3 seasonings: soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, lard, liquor, the amount of each.
Two steamed fish practices:
1 first deal with fish. Will kill the good fish washed, with a knife will fish spine from intra-abdominal cut, can prevent the steamed fish, due to the contraction of the fishbone and fish deformation, on both sides of the fish body wipe lard evenly, and then stained with a little white wine.
2. A little meat particles mixed into a little soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger powder, mushroom last into the belly of the fish can more fresh taste of fish, but also make steamed fish is full.
. large pieces of ginger and green onions in the middle, cut grow uniform short of fine filaments, spread on the plate of fish, the fish into the disk and on the fish, sprinkle some onion ginger silk, mature both beautiful and tasty uniform.
4. The furnace is the key to steamed fish, and a lot of steamed vegetables, must be in the pot of water to open, then the fish into the pot and steam for 6 to 7 minutes immediately turn off the heat.
5 empty steam for 5 to 8 minutes after the pot, the prepared soy sauce, vinegar and a little oil poured over the fish. Have senior cook, senior technicians, grandmaster for backbone teachers of Changsha Oriental cooking school reminds you: so-called virtual steam is off the fire, don’t open the lid, and then steamed by Pan Yu Wen
Three steamed fish taste characteristics:
Tender tofu, incense, such as crab light and refreshing.
Four nutritional effects of steamed fish:
The composition and nutritional value depends on the type of steamed fish in the ingredients of the steamed fish. But the fat and cholesterol content is lower than that of steamed fish braised fish in soy sauce
One of the braised fish in soy sauce is a common practice of fish, then braised fish in soy sauce do? Braised fish in different places have different practices, here introduce the most commonly used three kinds of braised fish approach and detailed measures are as follows:

Water boiled fish

Water boiled fish
Raw materials for food:
Ingredients: Grass Carp, a yellow bean sprouts (about 500 grams)
Accessories: dry pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, onions, oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, dry starch, cooking wine, watercress (or chili), raw egg white, pepper.
1, the fish will kill a good wash, chop off the head and tail, slice into the fish, and the rest of the fish chop into pieces. To fish with a pinch of salt, cooking wine, cornstarch and a protein grasp uniform, marinate for 15 boiled fish production method minutes (fish head and tail and the other dish, using the same method of pickled);
2, burn a pot of water to open, to wash bean sprouts, add boiling water blanched, fishing into the big tub, according to personal taste, sprinkle a little salt, spare;
3, in the clean wok with ordinary cooking oil three times, heat the oil into three spoons of bean (or chop fry saute, add ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, chili powder and red pepper small fire stir fried. The flavor was added and the fish head and tail, turn the fire, stir well, feeding wine and soy sauce, pepper, sugar amount, continue to stir fry a while after, add some hot water, and put salt and monosodium glutamate seasoning. To open the water, to keep the fire, a piece of the fish into the fish, with chopsticks scattered, 3~5 minutes to turn off the fire. All the cooked fish and soup into bowls of bean in just big basin;
4, and the other to take the a clean wok, pour half a catty oil (the specific amount of oil to see to the size of the container, to pour into a large pot when the fish and bean sprouts all drowned quasi, visually check). When the oil is heated, it is the first to dry off. Then add a lot of pepper and dried pepper, with a small fire slowly fried pepper and pepper flavor. Pay attention to the fire can not be too large, so as to avoid fried paste;
5, the color of the hot pepper, immediately off the fire, the pot of oil and pepper into the pot with the big pot of fish.